Yusaku Sugie
Sugie Yusaku
Nickname Sugi
Kanji 杉江 勇作
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
Player Statistics
Club East Tokyo United
Position Defender
Jersey # #3
National Player Was on the candidate list[1]
Vital Statistics
Age 28
Height 182cm
Weight 76kg
Blood Type B
First Appearance
Manga Debut
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Daisuke Kirii

Yusaku Sugie is a center back for East Tokyo United and wears the #3 jersey. He is loyal to Kuroda and skipped practice with him so they could reflect on the state of the team and how they were playing. He is by far the best defender in ETU and is often given difficult to mark opponents.


Sugie is quiet and the pillar of support and reason for Kuroda. After realising that it was he and Kuroda who were holding ETU back from growing he decides to give in to change. He is determined and has confidence in his skill as a Defender. He tends to only speak to Kuroda and Midorikawa

When against the Osaka Gunners, a more angry and determined Sugie is shown, implying that even though he is a relaxed guy, he can also lose his composure when around tough opponents.

Player PerformanceEdit

Sugie is one of ETU's best defenders. Being of strong build and tall he has the natural physique of a defender. He and Kuroda work well together and they are close friends.

Sugie has shown skill in not only defending but also at scoring goals, as seen in matches.

Even though Sugie is a calm and laidback guy he also get's blinded, like most players when extremely determined. This is seen when he is given instructions to mark Kubota. He looses his way during the match and starts to get more and more annoyed, blinding him from reading Kubota and the game properly. After seeing sense he is able to get over this. Which Tatsumi had hoped for, knowing it would help ETU against Osaka.

Ishigami, a defender who has his starting spot taken by Ishihama, told Sugie and Kuroda that taking risks was needed and if they screwed up they would face the responsibility.


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