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Takeshi Tatsumi
Takeshi Tatsumi
Nickname Tatsumi
Kanji 達海 猛
Romanji Tatsumi Takeshi
Coaching Positions
Position Head Coach
Club East Tokyo United
Former Club FC Eastham
Vital Statistics
Age 35

First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Tomokazu Seki


He was the star player at the East Tokyo United club until he was convinced by his agent to leave the club because of injuries. He was recruited by Goto several years later to coach the club he had left controversially. His first serious task as a coach was to hold a dash trial. After he analysed the dash results, he selected those who dash times between their first dash and final dash had the smallest differentials. He then lifted the ban on one touch win against the regulars.[1] Subsequently, Akasaki, Sera, Kiyokawa, Ishihama and Tsubaki became part of the regular squad, bumping multiple older players into the substitutes bench. Tatsumi was considered a potential legend at the club before he abruptly left.  


  • Even though Tatsumi coached in England for at least a year, he doesn't know what fish and chips are.[2]


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