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Takeshi Tatsumi
Takeshi Tatsumi
Nickname Tattsumii
Kanji 達海 猛
Romanji Tatsumi Takeshi
Coaching Positions
Position Head Coach
Club East Tokyo United
Former Club FC Eastham
Vital Statistics
Age 35

First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Tomokazu Seki


Lit dash results, he selected those who dash time between their first dash anda tsumi lifted the ban on one touch  win against the regulars.[1] Subsequently, Akasaki, Sera, Kiyokawa, Ishihama and Tsubaki became part of the regular squad, bumping multiple older players into the substitutes bench. Tatsumi is called a legend. He's way better than Messi or Ronaldo You Fanboys.  



  • Even though Tatsumi coached in England for at least a year, he doesn't know what fish and chips are.[2]


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