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Takeshi Tatsumi
Takeshi Tatsumi
Nickname Tattsumii
Kanji 達海 猛
Romanji Tatsumi Takeshi
Coaching Positions
Position Head Coach
Club East Tokyo United
Former Club FC Eastham
Vital Statistics
Age 35

First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Tomokazu Seki

Takeshi Tatsumi is a Former East Tokyo United star and member of the Japan national football team, he transfers to a foreign club after a successful spell at ETU.


Little is known about Tatsumi's playing career in England. However, it has been confirmed that Tatsumi had no choice but to become a manager as he could no longer remain a player.[1] In a conversation with Hiraizumi, during which Tatsumi and Hiraizumi were discussing Mochida's injury issues, Hiraizumi states that Tatsumi had decided to soldier on playing until both this legs were destroyed.[2] Tatsumi has stated that the football gods owe him a big favour during a conversation with Blanc.[3] Blanc in turned wondered if the favour the football gods owed Tatsumi had something to do with his retirement from active duty at such an young age.[4]

After retirement as a player, Tatsumi coaches FC Eastham, an English Division 5 amateur team, into the fourth round of the FA Cup. Following his success with Eastham, he is convinced by ex-teammate Goto, now GM at East Tokyo United, to return to Japan and coach the team where he spent his years as a player. Tatsumi stated that he has been a manager for four or five years.[5].


On his first day as coach, Tatsumi had the players run 30 meter dashes for 45 minutes. Then based on the dash results, he selected those who dash time between their first dash and their last dash varied the least and put them on the list for regular spots. The dash results favoured the younger players who are normally substitutes and none of the then regular players made it into Team Tatsumu. Tatsumi then had his selection play the regulars and for the first 30 minutes banned one-touch-play. He instructed his players not to score but simple to run around wearing the regulars out. It was only after Murakoshi figured out Tatsumi's trick that Tatsumi lifted the ban on one touch play. Team Tatsumi registered a decisive win against the regulars.[6] Subsequently, Akasaki, Sera, Kiyokawa, Ishihama and Tsubaki became part of the regular squad, bumping multiple older players into the substitutes bench.


  • Even though Tatsumi coached in England for at least a year, he doesn't know what fish and chips are.[7]


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