Ryo Akasaki
Nickname Zakki
Kanji 赤崎遼
Romaji {{{romaji}}}
Player Statistics
Club East Tokyo United
Position Midfield
Jersey # #15
National Player Olympic Team during preliminary rounds[1]
Vital Statistics
Age 21
Height 175cm
Weight 68kg
Blood Type AB
First Appearance
Manga Debut
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Tadashi Mutou

Akasaki is a right midfielder and right winger for ETU and became the first ETU player since Tatsumi to play for the National Team.[2]. He wears the #15 jersey.

Player PerformanceEdit


Akasaki as part of the U-23 Olympic National Team

Gino has designated Akasaki his guard dog and given him the nickname Zaki. Along with Tsubaki, Akasaki co-ordinates well with Gino and assists the later with his play-making. As an offensive mid-fielder, Akasaki has scored three goals[3]. The most vital of Akasaki's goals came against the Osaka Gunners, being the first goal that mark the change in the course of the game.[4]

Indeed, Akasaki has performed so well during the season that he was invited to the U-23 National Olympic Team for their preliminary match against Hong Kong. During the match, Akasaki's assist led to the goal that saw Japan be victorious against Hong Kong. His National Team jersey number is 23.[2]



Akasaki as part of Team Tatsumi

Like most of the younger players, Akasaki passed Tatsumi's speed and stamina test to be included as part of Tatsumi's team.[5] However, he did not come to prominence until the team went to their pre-season camp. During the first day of camp, Tatsumi declared free practice and removed the coachs from the field. Tatsumi, who had stripped Murakoshi of his captaincy, emphasised that Murakoshi could not tell the players what to do.[6] With Dori only thinking of the goalkeepers, Kuroda tried to lead the players but Akasaki refused to go along with Kuroda's plans, instead leading the younger players in a mini-game.[7]


Akasaki telling Kuroda off

When Kuroda tried to stop Akasaki from doing what he wanted and tried to force him to do what everybody was doing, Akasaki point blank told him that as their old way of doing things were not leading to victory, they had to change. This infuriated Kuroda as it invalidated what Murakoshi had been saying. Kuroda told Akasaki that he had never liked him and tried to attack Akasaki but was held back by Sugie and forced to stand-down by Murakoshi. As Akasaki resumed what he was doing with the younger players, Kuroda stated that he would not let them get away with their disobedience.[7]


Akasaki being held back

However, Akasaki's actions delighted Tatsumi who decided to make things more interesting by removing all but one ball from the field. Tatsumi then told the players to share the one ball, leading Akasaki to suggest another scrimmage with the same team as before. This infuriated Kuroda even more and he began to physically assualt Akasaki and had to be held back by Sugie. As other veterans and younger players began to emulate the heated exchange between Kuroda and Akasaki, and things started to degrade towards a full scale brawl - Akasaki himself had to be held back from physically assualting Kuroda. However Akasaki, like the other players, mysteriously calmed right down with the mere arrival of Gino.[8]


  • Akasaki's hobby is listening to music.[9]


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