Coaching Positions
Position Head Coach
Club Yokohama Mariners
First Appearance
Manga Debut
Anime Debut Episode 6
Japanese Voice
Motoki is a defensive-minded manager as he was in his playing days. Motoki and Tatsumi have faced each other as players. Tatsumi acknowledged Motoki's defensive ability as a player, but comments cheekly that he still managed to go around him in circles. For this reason, Motoki hates the thought of losing to Tatsumi

In the previous season, Motoki's team, Yokohama Mariners, conceded a goal scored by Natsuki, which makes Motoki wary of Natsuki's presence on the bench and thinking when Natsuki (and Sakai) would be subbed in. Tatsumi realised that that would be the case and explained to Natsu and Matsu that giving Motoki another thing to worry about is the sole reason he put Natsu on the bench and that he had absolutely no intention of using Natsu while he's still lacking match fitness.

In this season, the Yokohama Mariners lost twice against ETU. In general, the team did poorly this season, and Motoki was fired from his Manager position (Chapter 132 Page 4). He is later seen working as a sports reporter (Chapter 260, Volume 27).


He adopts a cautious, defensive strategy throughout the game. He diminishes the number of ETU attacking chances by maintaining a two-man mark on Gino, shutting Gino's play-making abilities down.