Kenji Hotta
Kenji Hotta
Kanji 堀田健二
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Player Statistics
Club East Tokyo United
Position Midfielder
Jersey # #8
National Player
Vital Statistics
Age 29
Height 178cm
Weight 73kb
Blood Type A
First Appearance
Manga Debut
Anime Debut Episode 1

Kenji Hotta is a Center Attacking Midfielder for East Tokyo United, wearing the #8 jersey.He lost is position as a starter under Tatsumi but has played as a substitute and according to Katsura Fujisawa, was able to step-up as play-maker when Gino found himself too marked to do anything. Although a midfielder, Hotta played as a substitute of Sugie in the match against Osaka Gunners in the second half, however is unknown if ETU remained with 4 defenders or changed to 3, possibly did because Osaka Gunners changed to 3 strikers and to have higher chance of making the third goal.