Katsura Fujisawa
Katsura Fujisawa profile
Occupation Freelance Journalist
First Appearance
Manga Debut
Anime Debut Episode 7
Japanese Voice

Katsura Fujisawa is a free-lance reporter who decided to follow ETU during the current season. She was previously following Tokyo Victory.[1]


She decides to follow ETU during their season after taking interest in the team following Tatsumi's claim that he will "make Japanese football interesting" at the coachs' press conference.[1] It was a huge gamble on her part as if Tatsumi's claim proved a load of hot air, she would lose an entire year and as a freelance journalist, be greatly negatively impacted by it.[2] During ETU's losing streak, she managed to get a small article published on the team that was panned by fellow journalists as reading like a high school essay; but the photographer Tamotsu Kudo agreed with her assessment that ETU was due for a win because Tatsumi's face was becoming livelier after each of the five matches ETU lost during the beginning of the season.[3] She does not think much of fellow ETU reporter Yamai.[4]

She became interested in Tsubaki and interviewed his family and old teachers for a Tsubaki article.


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