Hoshino is goalkeeper for Kawasaki Frontier, and the Japan National Team. He is a genius goalkeeper, and he wants universal respect. However, in reality, Hoshino does not receive respect from many people, because of his excessive arrogance and poor manners.

Hoshino had a hard time during the first half of the season. The defenders of his team didn't support him much, ie did not keep the ball away from the goal area or listen to Hoshino's instructions, and Hoshino ended up doing a lot of the defending work. He was exhausted, angry, and confused. Meanwhile, his coach watches and hopes that Hoshino realizes the reason his teammates aren't supporting him is they're irritated by his arrogance.

He also had a hard time during the Japan All Stars vs. World All Stars game. Though Hoshino is Japanese, he was put on the World All Stars team, because they didn't have a goalkeeper. When the game started, Hoshino discovered that his (Japanese) instructions to the (non-Japanese) defenders couldn't be understood.


Chapter 100, page 15: "If it weren't for me, we would have already lost the first half. That's obviously the case, but still no one has praised me. Looking down on the goalkeeper, that Brazilian..."