Hata is the leader and capo for The United Skulls,the extremely loyal supporters group for East Tokyo United.He has been supporting ETU since the Takeshi Tatsumi Era and has been loyal to the club ever since.Besides heading the group,he is charge of writing songs and cheers for them and also helps design the tifos.He is also an ETU season ticket holder. Hata also organizes road trips to other stadiums across Japan during the regular season.His United Skulls occupy the southern end of Sumidagawara Stadium which they call "The Graveyard". He says that as a loyal ETU fan,He will never abandon the team he loves so much no matter what the cost. His first match ever was a Tokyo Derby game. 

Leader skulls
Kanji 羽田 政志
Romanji Hata Masashi
Occupation United Skulls Leader
Vital Statistics
Age 32
Height 5-8

Personal Status
Marital Status single
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter
Anime Debut Episode
Japanese Voice Atsushi Miyauchi