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Player Statistics
Club Kawasaki Frontier
Position MidFielder
Jersey # #13
National Player
Vital Statistics
Age 26-27

First Appearance
Manga Debut Voume 10, chapter 90.
Anime Debut None; the anime never reached the Kawasaki game.
Japanese Voice None


Hachiya plays for Kawasaki Frontier, a team that is full of young players. He is the central figure in Kawasaki's offence and defence. Hachiya transferred to Kawasaki after feeling used and unappreciated by his previous coaches.
Hachiya is confident in his own strength and wants to help make a strong team.
His past Coaches would always switch his position because of his talents.
He was angered by this and hated the coaches that didn't let him get used to positions and make his mark.

Relationship with Tsubaki: Hachiya is like Mochida (Tokyo Victory playmaker) and Kubota (Osaka Gunners forward), in that he is an amazing player from another team who annoys, challenges, and impresses Tsubaki. Hachiya brings out Tsubaki's fire, Tsubaki's determination to improve himself.

Player PerfomanceEdit

Hachiya has always liked playing closer to the goal, but Coach Nelson saw that he would be better as a Playmaker if his position was a Defence Midfielder. Coach Nelson saw Hachiya's strong points in accuracy and rich creativity. He is quick to react to a situation and believes in his Coach.


He is hot blooded and his loud outbursts frighten Tsubaki. He thinks himself as a MAN and is comical. Hachiya, grateful for Nelson's expectations of him and uplifting words of encouragement, plays to show his appreciation and not let his Coach feel embarrassment for mistakes. Because of and for his Coach, Hachiya becomes happier and stronger in himself.